On 16 August 2021, Posten opened its new all-electric distribution centre at Filipstad in Oslo, Posten Oslo City Hub. The new city hub ensures that all parcel delivery within central Oslo (Ring 2) will take place with electric vehicles.

– The opening of Posten Oslo City Hub marks an important milestone for us in Oslo. Now all parcel and mail delivery within Ring 2 will be fossil-free. It is also a great pleasure to announce that we have now ordered 90 new electric vehicles to be used for parcel delivery in the capital. If these are delivered as agreed, all parcel and mail delivery in the capital will take place with fossil-free vehicles by New Year, Posten’s CEO Tone Wille said in connection with the opening.

With the opening of the Oslo City Hub, Posten will deliver between 15.000 and 20.000 packages a week fossil-free, in central Oslo. In connection with the opening of the Oslo City Hub, eight fossil-powered vehicles will be replaced by eight electric vans.

The official opening of Posten Oslo City Hub was made by Postens’s CEO Tone Wille and City Councilor Raymond Johansen.

– I am very happy to be here when Posten once again shows that they are part of the solution. It is together with forward-looking businesses that we reach our climate goals, said City Councilor Raymond Johansen.

  • Address: Filipstadveien 5f
  • Client: Posten
  • Project completed: June 2021



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