National and international logistics companies

Our customers are national and international logistics companies that want centrally located terminals to ensure the most rational and environmentally efficient distribution of goods in urban areas.

Four establishments in Oslo

Cityhubs is currently owner of four city hub projects at Filipstad in Oslo; DB Schenker Oslo City Hub, Filipstad Mobility Park, Posten City Hub Filipstad and DHL City Hub Filipstad. The projects are temporary pending the planned urban development in the area.

CityHUBs provides efficient logistics with great environmental benefits!


tonnes (est.) in annually reduced CO2 emissions with our four sustainable terminals.


Significant environmental benefits and reduced traffic in central areas.


Good location, centrally located urban consolidation centres, so-called multihubs.


Cost-effective and flexible module solutions.


Electrified and efficient goods distribution in urban areas.

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Our partners

A successful city terminal presupposes good cooperation between many players, both public and private. Here are our most important partners.